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Storage Bays


Storage bays are to mark the physical location of lot tracked inventory inside a warehouse. Some companies may call this the shelf number. This is the core feature for warehouse management. After materials are received, they will automatically go to a receipt bay. From there they can be transferred to another bay before being transferred to a production bay. Completed products can be transferred to another bay and then picked from that bay for dispatch.


  1. Find materials in your warehouse.
  2. Use barcode scanners from tablets computers on trucks to move items from bay to bay.
  3. Keep track of the productivity of warehouse staff by recording the number of bay transfers.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that the Storage Bays extension is licensed on your system.
  2. Design the numbering system for your bays (A1, A2, B1 etc.) at each warehouse, and enter them in the Factory set up Have one bay as the receipt bay which will also the default.
  3. Set up any barcoding and IT networks in your warehouse and factory. Consider inbound labelling which will produce the necessary barcode labels as materials arrive.
  4. Train operators in the systems usage and control that inventory and bay location data stays correct.