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The Manu Online Shopify app connects your Shopify store to your Manu Online account. Sales orders entered by customers into your store are entered into your Manu Online account automatically. And when the goods are dispatched to the customer, then Shopify receives this information so that Shopify can alert the customers.


  1. Automate you connection to Shopify
  2. Reduces manual order entry
  3. Update customers when goods are shipped.
  4. New products created in Shopify are synced to your Manu Online account.

Getting started

  1. The Manu Online Shopify app is available in all Editions of Manu Online from Mini Enterprise and up at no extra charge.
  2. Go to Admin – Public integrations and select the Shopify tile
  3. When setting up your products in Shopify, ensure that the SKU fields is set to the Item ID field of Manu (Note that SKU is an optional field in Shopify but it must have a value for the connection to work.)