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Sales Configurator


The Sales Configurator allows sales staff to build custom assemblies of a product inside a sales order line using a guided process. By using configurator classifications then the sales staff would be unable to sell misconfigured products. For instance, if a product is assembled either for the 230V or the 110V markets, the configurator can ensure that all components and subassemblies have the correct voltage rating.


  1. Sell customers configured products to match closely their requirements.
  2. Minimise data entry errors and misconfigured products.
  3. Works with automatic work order creation to go straight from sales to assemble for short lead times.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that the Sales Configurator extension is licensed on your account. It requires the Enterprise Edition or above.
  2. In System settings, define the list of configurator classes that will be used.
  3. Define your product manufacturing strategy regarding sub-assemblies and make to order.
  4. Set the configuration options for each item in the product structure of a manufactured item.