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Product Variants


Product variants allow the manufacturing of different variations of a product inside a production work order. The classic example is making T-shirts in small, medium and large sizes. Manu Online can plan and control the quantities of raw materials needed for the amounts of each variant being manufactured. As well as different product sizes, the variants extension can be used for creating different package sizes of a product which is being made in bulk, for instance in the chemicals business. The variants extension works with the “Bulk processing – work orders” extension.


  1. Automate work order creation where different product variants are to be manufactured under the same work order.
  2. Enter multiple sales orders for different variants, but get them all manufactured in one work order.
  3. See at a glance the stock situation with related products together with their weights and measures if entered.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that the extensions for “Bulk processing – work orders” and “Product Variants” are licensed. It needs a minimum of Enterprise Edition.
  2. Create multiple products in the normal way, each with their own product structure.
  3. Create a parent product. This needs to be a manufactured product but does not need a product structure.
  4. On the item card – commercial tab of each variant product, mark the par