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Multiple Business Units


Multiple Business Units allows you to set up multiple logical organisations inside one company. If your different organisations are in different legal entities then please look at the Manu Online Multi Company Edition. Having a new business unit it a great way to manage a new corporate acquisition which is merged  to your company.


  1. Set user rights to see only their own business units where
  2. Different branding for different business units.
  3. Drop ship products across different business units.
  4. Set a default scheduling end location for the business unit when selling from remote sales offices.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that the Multiple Business units are licensed in your account. It requires the Enterprise Edition or the Multi Company Edition.
  2. In the partner section create partner records for any warehouses or factories that are required.
  3. In System settings, go to Business units and add the new business unit. Each business unit needs its own default theme (for own address and logo)
  4. Go back to the partner section and change any warehouses or factories to belong to the new business unit.
  5. Set user rights as appropriate.