Apparel Manufacturing ERP Software2023-04-29T17:44:38+01:00

Apparel Manufacturing ERP Software

Manu Online is the Cloud ERP system prebuilt for your manufacturing business to run efficiently for the long term. 

Our ERP solution streamlines the entire production process, from material sourcing and inventory management to quality control and finished goods delivery – all on one platform. With an intuitive user interface, you can access real-time data, accelerate production and achieve higher-quality results with less effort.

Whether you are a manufacturing operation with 10 or 20 employees, 200 or more, we have tools available for you to handle your daily challenges and keep your business future-proof.

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The tools a fashion and apparel business needs to succeed

On a manufacturing frontline, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance, which is why it is essential to have the right tools in place.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers in the fashion industry face a set of particular challenges, however, these can be overcome with the help of enterprise resource planning software.

Some of these challenges include, for example:

  • Managing production schedules and workflows
  • Having short lead times with large numbers of product variations
  • Lack of visibility into inventory levels
  • Handling invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable processes
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • A mix of common and one-off products

In order to succeed in an apparel manufacturing business and avoid these challenges, you need the right tools in place. Apparel manufacturing software, like a manufacturing ERP solution, can assist in all business processes from supply chain and inventory management to warehouse management.

ERP helps manufacturers automate production planning, simplify business processes, and reduce operational and administrative costs, all at the same time. 

Customer Success Stories

Shortening the lead time of delivery down from two weeks to just one or two days.

Benefits of using Manu Online’s apparel ERP software

It’s simple and very easy to deploy. Give time back to other tasks.

Configure the system to get the maximum benefit for your own processes. Reports and label printing designed to suit your exact requirements.

Keep an eye on what’s going on. Trace your items, materials, batches, expiry dates and much more.

Never again are critical components “forgotten” and remembered only when it is time to ship to the customer.

Reduce inventory costs, speed up throughput, and increase profit. Full visibility on your products and materials.

Use native applications already available in Manu Online or connect others through our modern Open API.

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Apparel Manufacturing ERP Software FAQs

How does Manu Online’s ERP software for apparel manufacturers work?2023-04-19T12:00:26+01:00

In Manu Online, apparel businesses can create all products with product structures of variants predefined. As orders come in, the exact demand can be taken into manufacturing.

Buffering with common sizes and colours is also possible in order to keep production running at full efficiency. Any buffered inventory is then immediately taken into account in the next scheduled work. Buffering can also be made at common sub-product levels, which helps speed up subsequent manufacturing when the exact demand is known.

Manu Online’s ERP system takes the load out of calculating what should be made.

As a result, it could be done every day, or even during the day.

For projects in the apparel industry or other industries this can end up shortening the lead time of delivery and the manufacturing cycle down from weeks to just a day, enabling next-day dispatch for your customers.

What are the challenges faced by manufacturing teams in the apparel industry?2023-04-19T11:59:43+01:00

Alongside the challenges we mentioned above, the apparel industry often faces fast-changing customer demand in terms of designs, sizes, and colours. It is easy, but expensive, to end up with obsolete stock that needs to be sold at a significant discount.

On the other hand, material availability can be challenging as well. A successful company needs to manage the complex puzzle of what materials are available against what is the current situation of demand.

Often there are core products that can be made in larger quantities to reduce costs against one-off products that are needed to meet specific demands. In addition, lead times need to be kept short and inventory to the minimum to avoid obsolete fashions.

One of the biggest challenges with apparel manufacturing is the variations of the product. For instance, if you multiply the number of different styles by the number of sizes and the number of different colours and the answer could come up in the thousands.

Because there are so many variations yet the volumes might not be that huge, a complete make-to-stock manufacturing policy can be unrealistic even though it is tempting to reduce costs by manufacturing in larger volumes.

This is where Manu Online ERP can help. A business system for manufacturing like Manu Online can help keep your sales demand in close synchronization with your production even as demand fluctuates.

Sell what you can, and make what you need. Our ERP can make the process flow very simple and provide the following results.

  • Stock control, supply chain management, and location control
  • Traceability
  • Custom throughput for your products
  • Real-time planning
  • Shorter delivery time.

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