ERP for Engineering Companies – Manu Online has a number of features to support engineering companies. Primary of these is the ability to embed manufacturing data into a quote or sales order that is then carried forward to the work order itself.

For further information, check out the video below(ERP for Engineering companies):

Stay in CONTROL of your operation

Keep a finger on the pulse of your company with live inventory and manufacturing management, lot and serial number tracking for end-to-end traceability.

Top-tier material and resource planner

A real-time resource allocation system works in the background so that you never miss planned purchasing or manufacturing activities.

More than implementation

Our consultants have 10+ years of experience in setting up the system. We focus on the process and aim for you to “hit the ground running”.

Full Xero integration with Manu Online gives you peace of mind and ease of use!

ERP for Engineering companies.

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