Just to see if we could do it, was it possible to get a manufacturing ERP system setup and go through the basic processes in just 10 minutes.

Well it is. Take a look at the video:

(Note that there is no sound on the video, as it has text explaining the steps)


Here are the steps:

  1. Create an account on our cloud servers
  2. Login
  3. Import your chart of accounts, items and contacts from Xero
  4. Change one item to a product and create a bill of materials for it
  5. Sell it to your customer
  6. See what needs to be purchased and buy them
  7. Receive the purchased items
  8. Open the work order and issue the items to it
  9. Close the work order, product goes to stock
  10. Ship the product to your customer
  11. Create the sales invoice for the customer
  12. Enter the purchase invoice from the supplier
  13. Transfer the invoices across to Xero for processing.