Browser Accessable

Manu Online is a complete SaaS solution that can be used entirely using modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

Xero Integration

Manu Online supports the popular Xero online accounting software package, allowing you to build a complete, integrated and powerful ERP manufacturing system together with Xero accounts.

 Sage One Integration

Manu Online connects to Sage One (Extra version is recommended). Build a powerful ERP system with Sage One for your small company.

Quick Start Package

Our Quick Start Package is designed to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. By having the basic business processes running as soon as possible and for minimal cost, you get the benefits and payback more quickly.


Mobile Usage

Our application is supported through a mobile web browser making it accessible to iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows-based mobile devices.

Technical Support

24/7 online support through our online support wiki is available for customers. We also provide limited email and phone support through 7-3 GMT weekdays.


System Reliability

Total system reliability is better than with traditional in-house systems because the equipment is monitored in real time by our technical support staff. In the event of equipment failure, support staff can implement backup equipment in a very short time. Similarly upgrades are installed centrally, so there is no need for users to be involved in the deployment of upgrades apart from to determine the best use of new features.


Data Security

Manu Online offers the state-of-the-art data encryption and protection using a multi-layered approach. This means your data is protected from both physical threats and internet threats like viruses or hackers.

It’s no wonder our data center is also used by many Enterprise organizations including several banks and state ministries. Simply put, your data is probably more safe on the Manu Online server than it would be stored on servers on your own location.

Hosted ERP

Manu Online ERP is hosted on dedicated servers in a state-of-the-art data centre in London run by RackSpace Ltd. Our online ERP system is multi-tenanted, which means that components are distributed across multiple servers for reliability and performance.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, and we use Microsoft technologies in our product development. Manu Online was awarded Microsoft’s partner product award in 2000.



Free Trial

Free Trial

All of these features are readily available in a free trial of Manu Online.

Free Trial