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We provide “Ticketing Support”. The support system is built right into our program. Just click the support button on the top right hand corner of any page. You can create tickets and see your whole history of requests. For further information about our support go to


Professional Services

We have consultants and technical experts who can help you get your system in order and running smoothly. Our professional service team can work directly with you for training, custom report development, data migration and data manipulation. These services are provided to you directly; we use ticketing and net meetings as the tools for this work.

Note that these services are optional and are billable according to our standard rates, and are in addition to normal system support which is included in the monthly support fee. You are also welcome to use our independent partners to help you implement your system.


Our consultants can work with you to analyse your business development projects and suggest ways to implement the system. Work is carried out online one-to-one or one-to-many. We can also carry out ad-hoc training on line for groups of your staff. e.g. hold sessions with your warehouse staff about how to do ware house operations such as receipting and shipping.

If you wish to have a consultant “on site”, then please check the availability of one of our partners.

System analyst/Data services

Our system analysts can work with the data in your database to carry out data migration, manipulation, extraction or investigation.

Our programmers can customise any report in the system either Excel or PDF reports to your requirements.

Linked systems and data transfer: Work investigating integration or data flow between external systems.

Quick Start training

We have packaged training and data services into a suitable package to get your going as easily as possible. 

The Quick Start package will get your data into our system and the knowledge between your ears so that you have a working ERP system.

Before starting work on the implementation, consider the following: you need to have some general knowledge or past experience of business systems and your data must be in a reasonable order. For full information please contact us. We can quote different sizes of projects depending on which version of our system you will use and the general status in your company.

Contact us for further information about Professional Services and to request a quote.

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Free Trial

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