Xero to manufacturing ERP in 10 minutes

Just to see if we could do it, was it possible to get a manufacturing ERP system setup and go through the basic processes in just 10 minutes.

Well it is. Take a look at

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Ceandess survives an arson attack

Ceandess is a manufacturer of a wide range of metal fittings used in the auto industry. Roots of the business go back more than a 100 years. They are located in Wolverhampton in the

Volar Plastic

Volar Plastic is a specialist manufacturer of plastic mouldings for cabin interiors and other industrial applications. The wide variety of plastic processes used are presented at www.volarplastic.fi.

Volar selected Manu Online because of its short

Stein Seal UK

The American aerospace component supplier Stein Seal Company uses Manu Online to manage their European subsidiary based in the UK.
The company is a supplier to top aerospace names such as Rolls Royce, KLM and


AMT Vene Oy (Advanced Marine Technology) is a successful boat manufacturer focusing on the serial production of motor boats for the Scandanvian and European market. They have a history going back more than 20 years and to date


Delcon is a leading manufacturer of solid state relays used in heavy duty automation and power generation equipment.

Delcon is typical of many electronic manufacturing companies; purchasing is carried out internationally with some components having

Growing companies need ERP (and this is not bookkeeping)

Let’s generalise about the development of a small company:

1. Company is founded. 2. Company needs to send an invoice. 3. We all know that a tax return is going to be needed, sooner or

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